Andrea Crudeli

Architect and scholar. He’s a founding partner of the architecture and engineering firm Dedalo Building Lab, based in Firenze, taking care of restorations, renovations and exhibit designs. He holds a Ph.D. in Architecture Design at the University of Pisa, where he currently teaches. He’s also worked as an exhibition curator, editor, and documentary director.
Member of the Polit(t)ico Research Lab, he’s been visiting scholar at the CCA of Montréal. Alongside scientific articles, he co-edited the books Indagine sul Manierismo and Per una Nuova Casa Italiana. He Professionally grew up in Seattle (Olson Kundig), Tokyo (Satoshi Okada), and Paris.


Dedalo Building Lab
Via del Mezzetta 2P (EX2), Firenze, 50135.

The University of Pisa
Largo Lazzarino 1, School of Engineering, Architettura e Urbanistica (2 floor), 56122